Margaret Gilbride School of Dance



Fees are to be paid on time, at the commencement of each term, when the Secretary is available. Otherwise there will be a late penalty issued. If for any reason a pupil is leaving Dance School or drop class/es one term's notice is required, otherwise full term's fees will be liable.

Code of Conduct for Pupils

  • Correct footwear & uniform to be worn at all times.
  • Long hair to be tied back.
  • All uniforms to be named.
  • Dancing school is not responsible for lost property.
  • No jewellery to be worn.
  • Pupils should have regular attendance.
  • Pupils should not attend other dance schools.
  • Pupils should behave at all times and be respectful to their teachers.
  • Pupils should be prompt for class.
  • Pupils should go to the toilet before class to save any disruption.
  • Parental supervision is necessary with siblings between classes.


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